Sliders, Encoders, Hotswap and RGB all in a TKL Package

After seeing the original concepts for the satisfaction75 by Upas including a rotary encoder it gave us the idea to be the first custom keyboard to instead include a midi slider in order to be used for controls in software such as Photoshop or Abelton or for Volume Control.

The Version 1 case designed by Rud includes a 4.5mm integrated plate with clip in supports for switches as well as cut outs for the slider and encoder which are mounted on the left side

  • HotSwap
  • PerKey RGB
  • Rotary Encoder
  • Slider
  • 4.5mm Integrated Plate
  • Left mount USB-C
  • Arm MCU

I will be designing a revised Case and PCB in the near future which will include a revised case design center USB as well as other adjustments based on the original IC and v1 prototype